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Turkish Tea: We have a lineup of traditional black tea sourced from famous brands in tea bags frorm Turkey.

The tea that is served by Halal World is a safe and secure product from Turkey.
It is called Rize Chai due to its origin from the city of Rize, a Black Sea coastal city.
Since long time, Turkish people have loved this wonderful tea for its reliable taste.
To give the tea the perfect flavor and taste, hot water is used, it is cultivated in darker areas.

Turkish Coffee 100g Bags

Canned Turkish Earl Grey Tea 125g

Please enjoy the unique flavor of Bergamot`s Earl grey tea.

Turkish Coffee 100g Bags

Turkish Black Tea Bag 25packs×2g(=50g)

Traditional black tea flavor to be used easily in tea bags.


Turkish Coffee 250g Can

Turkish Black Tea Bags Pack 500g

Vivid colors and dark flavor of black tea unique now available in beautiful tea bags.

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