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Olive Oil: Olive oil could be used in various cuisines, salad or used with bread. Using a bottle of this olive oil will give you fun and delicious taste.

Halal World offers an olive oil which is directly imported from a top brand
which has been selling the oil for over 100 years now.
Can be used for all type of dishes, salad and breadin as it is form.

Lokum Fruit Mix 250g

Komili Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Presented by Komili which is Turkey's top producer of olive oil with the mild-tasting of natural flavors that will be as a habit on your dining table for all of your family healthy daily life.Once you used it,you won't live without it.

Lokum Double Pistachio 250g

Komili Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

We are proudly importing and recommending this unique tasted and flavored of the real organic olive oil for the people's who want to live a healthy daily life.This product is produced and imported in limited.Quantity from the specially selected out of high quality of the olive's for your vitality daily Life.


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