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Doner Kebab: Marinated Meat is delivered from cool boxes which is ready to be baked and can be cooked
at the same time.

Halal World offers its original marinated meat which is sliced and marinated by its Turkish cooks.
Seasoned meat in the shape of an inverted cone is turned slowly against a vertical rotisserie then
sliced vertically into thin, crisp shavings.
Due to its mild taste, people of all ages, including children as well as adults can taste it without any problem
Starting from the Middle East, now it has become very popular in Germany, US, England and all over the world.

Beef, Whole Meat (8kg,10kg,20kg)

Flavored with a hole-shaped molded kebab beef moment frozen. Will deliver in the cool frozen boxes.

Chicken Whole Meat (8kg,10kg,20kg)

From seasoning to frozen moments, the kebab chicken molded in the hole-shaped is delivered in frozen boxes.

Beef Slice (From 500 Gram Pack to x 4/2 KG)

Grilled Kebab beef cut into slices and it is ready to use in the cuisine.

Chicken Slice (From 500 Gram Pack to x 4/2 KG)

Grilled Kebab chicken cut into slices and use it as a great flavoured cuisine. Will be delivered in frozen boxes.

  1. Please note the prices given on the website are the whole prices as of November, 2014.
    The meat prices may fluctuate from time to time.
  2. Once we receive order from you, it will take about one week for our chefs to hand made the dishes and deliver to you.
  3. In case of placing an order for the whole meat, please send us 2,000 yen as deposit money for the vertical spit on which the meat is placed.
    When you return ten spits at one time you will get your deposit as a cashback.

Contact us for consultation about Halal food.

Feel free to contact us below about our
Halal product offerings and anything about business.


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