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We welcome you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Halal World always striving to broaden your choices of Halal food.

One of the major problems Muslim tourists and business people face
in Japan is the scarcity of Halal food in the country.
Keeping in view the Islamic Sharia dietary laws Muslims have very limited food choices available in Japan.

We the Halal World listened to the call of those people who had difficulties finding quality Halal food in Japan.
Amazingly tasty halal food available to you showing halal mark clearly
displayed to make your stay in Japan truly memorable.
We connect the Muslims and the people who welcome them and the muslim world and Japan.

We have Turkish restaurant which is located in the Haneda Airport.

The parent company of the Halal World, Tugba Trading co.,Ltd. is running restaurant Mrs. Istanbul at Haneda Airport. Bread made by Halal material and Doner Kebab made by Halal meat has gotten great popularity by Muslim customers at Haneda Airport.

The Halal World has deep understanding about “Islam”
The owner as well as cooks are Muslims.

The owner of the Halal world, himself a Muslim came to Japan some 30 years ago. He knows about Muslims due to his first hand experience about the problems in finding Halal food and anxiety feelings for it. Meal is also made by Muslim cooks.

Established over 30 years.
Japan’s first Turkish import company is running.

Tugba Trading co.,Ltd. the parent company of Halal world has been involved to Turkish food and culture for long time to connect Japan and Islamic world. Based on over 30 years experience and achievements, we provide clearly displayed of Halal mark and good quality of Halal products to satisfy your tastes.

What Is Halal?

It is a discipline of “Islam”
Muslims follow Sharia rules for their food

The word Halal means permissible.
It does not concern with meat or alcohol but it applies to a Muslim's life in general as well.
According to Shariah rules, Muslims are not allowed to eat pork or drink alcohol or consume
anything related to these items. If cows, goat, chicken and other lawful animals are slaughtered in an Islamic way,
the meat of these animals will become Halal.

Halal Was A Common Concept In The Past.
However, Now…

The born-Muslims are used to getting Halal food in their own respective countries.
So, it becomes difficult for them to obtain Halal food easily when they visit a non-Muslim country like Japan.
As the number of Muslim tourists is increasing day by day in Japan due to various reasons it becomes imperative for
us to provide the best halal food they could eat away from their homes.
Even the items which are imported by Muslim countries need to be
Halal certified by a relevant authority before they can be imported to any Muslim country or society.

Lot of Interest in Japan about Halal Food stakeholders expecting
a lot about the halal industry growth in the country.

Muslim population around the globe is 1.6 billion thus 25% of the world total population is already Muslim.
There has been lot of cultural and commercial exchange between Indonesia, the most populous city and Malaysia.
More and more people from these countries have started visiting
Japan for whom we have to make the necessary preparation to welcome these Muslim customer.
Major corporations have been trying to capture the Muslim markets where obtaining Halal certification
becomes imperative to do so.
We in japan also need to obtain Halal certification to serve our Muslim customers in the country.

At the Halal World, we make sure that
that all our products are truly Halal or not.

Tugba Trading co.,Ltd, the parent company has been introducing
Turkish Muslim cuisine culture into japan for the last 30 years.
All the products made in Turkey are halal by nature.
So, it is not necessary for us to take the Halal certification for these items.
However, we make efforts to take Halal certification even for these items to give the peace of mind
to first time Muslims to Japan. and to broaden their choice of halal food in the country.
Muslim view the concept of halal differently in different countries and society.
In Turkey, even if alcohol is available, devout Muslims live their lives peacefully.

Contact us for consultation about Halal food.

Feel free to contact us below about our
Halal product offerings and anything about business.


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