Prepared by Muslims, Served by Muslims and chosen by Muslims is the Halal World



Working hours 9:00~18:00 Order by phone 0120-952-513

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Delievery of Halal lunch boxes inside Haneda Airport. HALAL LUNCH BOX After arrival. Before departure.
Hand made dish made by Muslim cooks at the Haneda Airport.
Amazing taste in freshly made lunch box, we call it SORABEN.

Halal Daily Gourmet. As a dessert or as a meal during your stay.
From bread, kebab to coffee, dessert and ice cream
selected by a veteran Muslim of 30 years stay in Japan.

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Gourmet Halal foods makes you feel relief and more easy to live in Japan.

We offer you Halal food which is prepared by veteran Muslims who select and cook by himselves. We widen the choices of Halal food for Muslim visitord in Japan.

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